Team Rocket X
Name: Team Rocket X
Age: 18 (both)
Hometown: Team Rocket HQ
Region: Kanto
Class: Team Rocket Grunts
Friends: Giovanni
Team Rocket Trio
First Appearance: Road to Yehi: Part 1

Team Rocket X is a group of villians that first appeared in the Pokemon Evolution series. They serve as the main antagonists. The group consists of Rax and Dax.


Team Rocket X first joined when they graduated (barely) from Team Rocket HQ. They were assigened to explore over the unique Yehi region to capture rare Pokemon. They appear in the first episode Road to Yehi: Part 1 where they were seen chasing a Mew. They eventually ran into Zeo with his partner Emogla and faced him in a battle.



  • Glameow


  • Skunkty

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