• Narrator: This a new world of Pokemon. A new region with a new hero. [The scene changes over to a boy waking up in bed] This new hero's name is Zeo and like his hero Ash Ketchem, he sets out to become a Pokemon Master.
  • Zeo: [runs out of his house] Bye mom! Gotta go get my Pokemon! [runs with eyes close] Man, gotta get there before the Pokemon are gone! [runs into a boy] Ow!
  • Cris: Hey...why don't you watch where you are going?
  • Zeo: Oh! Sorry dude! Just trying to go and get my starter pokemon!
  • Cris: Don't bother...they told me I've gotten the last Pokemon. You're better off running back home...[walks off]
  • Zeo: [runs in front of Cris] Hey! Don't be so rude! At least tell me your name! Mines is Zeo!
  • Cris: have to go...[starts to walk off again]
  • Zeo: Hey! Where!?
  • Cris: None of your don't have any Pokemon so there is no need to talk to a non-Trainer. I have to go and battle to become the strongest. Now...don't get in my way again...[walks out of sight]
  • Zeo: Man...that, what was it Cris? That guy was so bland...OH! NO! I need to get my Pokemon! [runs into the lab and looks around] Professor!? PROFESSOR!? Are you here!? I need to get my Pokemon!
  • Professor Jackson: Woah, woah! There is no need to be loud like that!
  • Zeo:'re always saying that Prof. Jackson! Now, I need a Starter Pokemon so I can get on my journey!
  • Professor Jackson: I'm sure you do. But unfornately, we're out of Pokemon.
  • Zeo: ...Your kidding right? Please tell me you are!
  • Jackson: Zeo...I know you for 5 years already. I won't lie to you.
  • Zeo: Aw...I wanted to start my journey...Oh well...
  • Jackson: Hm...I got an idea! Instead of giving you a starter, how about you catch a starter?

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