Road to Yehi: Part 1
General Information
Genre Action/Adventure
Original run Pokemon
Season Season 1
Series Guide
"Road to Yehi: Part 2"

Road to Yehi: Part 1 is the first episode of Pokemon T & P.


A 10-year old boy named Zeo had just started his journey. He runs to Professor Jackson's Lab. Professor Jackson tells Zeo that all of the Pokemon are out but gives Zeo a pokeball to catch him a starter himself. Zeo manages to catch an Emolga where the head out to gather the 8 gym badges. Zeo eventually bumps into his rival named Cris who isn't friendly. He revealed that he has one of the starter pokemon which was a Eevee. He challenges Zeo to a battle with the two on different sides.

Meanwhile, a new group known has Team Rocket X are sent on a mission to track down the missing Mew that escaped from research. They manage to catch it using the Psy-Machine and attempt to take it back to Team Rocket HQ. However, the Mew escapes and flies away but lands in a nearby river due to being weakened.




Major EventsEdit

  • Zeo, Cris, Professor Jackson, and Team Rocket X all make their debuts.
  • Zeo first obtains an Emolga and it is revealed that Cris owns an Eevee.
  • Zeo and Cris prepare to battle for the first time.
  • Team Rocket X begin to seach and capture Mew.