Name: Cris
Age: 10
Hometown: Startsdille
Region: Yehi
Family: Mother
Class: Pokemon Trainer
Friends: Zeo (rival)
First Appearance: Road to Yehi: Part 1

Cris is a male Pokemon Trainer and a reoccuring character in Pokemon T & P. He serves as Zeo's main rival.



Cris is a very calm and serious trainer. He usually reacts quick when it comes to net opponents and challenges them into a battle. However, after defeating Zeo in the second episode, Cris hardly thinks of Zeo as an rival let alone a friend.


  • Eevee: Cris' current Pokemon. It was revealed that due to the shortage of regular starter Pokemon, Cris was given an Eevee instead. Cris' Eevee is very strong as it already learns the moves Quick Attack, Tackle, Sand Attack, and Growl.

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